Steadily winning over fans since 2011 and with high profile releases on labels such as Go On Air, Infrasonic, Ternary and more, Burak & Emre’s production prowess – and support from some of the biggest names in electronic music such as Armin Van Buuren, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Johan Gielen, Andrew Rayel – has made the duo ones to watch from Turkey’s dance music world.

Turkish brothers Burak Akcay & Emre Akcay – better known to thousands around the world as influential producers Burak & Emre combines their considerable talent and knowledge to unleash their signature monster sound that handedly manages to make trance sound cool again – something we all have been wanting for a while! –

A hugely influential and in-demand DJ and /pproducer duo as well as co-owners of internationally recognized label Ternary Recordings, Burak & Emre has been responsible for some of the most poignant moments in electronic dance music scene’s recent history. Arguably best known for their huge success with their single “Hope”, the duo received thousands of followers all around the world to witness the culmination of music.

Unlike many other trance tracks, Burak & Emre brothers combine tirelessly creative melodies with multi-faceted production that reveals fresh starts with every listen. Growing rapidly to the forefront of their genre of dance music, Burak & Emre has also been championed for their remixing abilities following on from a string of stand out remixes for major label releases including Harry Square’s Pig Hunter on Infrasonic Records.

2 years later after their first release in 2013, following their recent single projects, which proved their success was no coincidence, the brothers released the first installment of their compilation series on their own print label “Ternary Recordings” to demonstrate not only their production skills, but also ability of gathering powerful, energetic and melodic dance music shaped by their hands. Featuring an array of exceptional tunes by artists including the likes of Atilla Syah, Tolga Uzulmez, Mike Wendes, Emre Turylu, Emre Yildiz, David Rull and many more, the “Ternary Vol.1” reached the top 50 on Beatport album charts less than 3 days. Few albums manage to make the sort of lasting impact of Burak&Emre. This album proved that once more.

The success of their productions over last three years, combined with the remarkable progress of their Ternary Recordings label, and creation of their radio show “Whispers from Heaven” has pushed the pair to become one of the most talked about artists from Turkey to the world.

Already supported by some of the biggest trendsetter of today’s musical landscape and with more genre bending material to come very soon, this is just the beginning for Burak & Emre. With a ton of new music set for release over the next 11 months, Burak&Emre are definitely one to watch throughout 2016.